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Why is it worth spending a vacation in Koh Samui?


Why is it worth spending a vacation in Koh Samui?

The main reasons why you should visit Samui at least once.

Every traveler who has visited Samui always wants to come back here again. This magical island leaves only positive and pleasant memories about the vacation and gives energy for a whole year. What is the secret and the main advantages of Koh Samui? In this article, we will give 5 reasons why it is worth to visit this mysterious resort.

Sandy beaches and warm sea water

Snow-white beaches with clear water - this is the main reason to spend your vacation on Koh Samui. The island is surrounded by beautiful coastlines. The most popular beaches among tourists are located at the east side of the island. Chaweng Beach is the largest beach, which is perfectly equipped for a comfortable holiday including all kinds of entertainments, sunbeds, cafes and bars. There are also the chic hotels and bungalows at the first coastline. Lamai Beach is especially popular among surfers due to the deeper waters. There are also some small spa resorts at the beach, where you can go to sauna, try Thai massage and mud masks. Bophut Beach, which is located in the north of the resort, will show you hospitality of the Thais. Here you can meet not only tourists, but also local residents. If you prefer a quieter holiday, you can go sunbathing to clean and beautiful beaches in the south or west part of the island.

Comfortable conditions for holiday with children

Quiet and calm Samui without intrusive barkers as, for example, in Pattaya or Bangkok, is an excellent variant for holiday with children. You can safely walk along the street with the child in the evenings. There are also many entertainments and tours at the island where you can go with children: tiger zoo, aquarium,, crocodile and snake farms, 3D Art Galleryand many others. Clean beaches and shallow shore are good for swimming with children. The locals are very friendly and love young travelers, so your holiday with children in Samui will be very comfortable and interesting.

Fascinating safari

Samui is famous for its wild nature and exotic jungle which can amaze every traveler. Here you can go on a safari tour for the whole day with a company of friends or the whole family. Riding quad bikes or mountain jeeps you will see plantations of coconut palms and fruits, mountain and hilly terrain, wild jungle and other beautiful places. Such a trip guarantees adrenaline rush. During the safari tour you can also visit the most famous sights of the island: the Big Buddha Temple, Wat Khunaram Temple, Namuang Waterfall, monkey, elephant and crocodile shows. Fans of the water attractions can go on a safari tour on jet skis. During the tour, you can ride a banana, flyboard, /try water skiing or go wakeboarding. A boat trip around Samui will open the island for you from the other side.

Unforgettable boat trips

Koh Samui is surrounded by a lot of interesting places that are worth a visit. For example, Ang Thong National Reserve consists of dozens of small islands with wildlife, rocks, caves and bays. A boat trip and exploration of the reserve will give an unforgettable impression. You can feel as a part of the wild nature at the uninhabited islands of Koh Rab and Ko Tan. There are no crowds of holidaymakers, noisy bars and cafes, only white sand and a clean warm sea. Unique coral reefs are waiting for you at Koh Tao. You will remember a walk at the sandy spits between the islands of Koh Nang Yuan for a very long time. This paradise is an ideal place for beach holidays and snorkeling.

Well-developed infrastructure

Although Koh Samui is a relatively young resort in Thailand, it has everything for a comfortable holiday. All the roads of the island are covered with good asphalt, so you can easily reach any place by taxi, rented car or motorbike. Prices for housing, food and entertainments are much lower than in Phuket or in Pattaya. Another reason why you should choose Samui is the high level of security at the island, there is no theft and violence. Local residents are very friendly and are always ready to help, because they have not got tired of the constant invasion of tourists yet. Dishes in cafes and restaurants are very tasty, despite their small cost, and have already collected many positive reviews of travelers from all over the world. Every traveler can have their own special requirements for choosing a place for vacation. But if you decide to spend your holiday in Koh Samui, you will not regret that you visited this wonderful island.

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