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Samui, Thailand
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A healthy sleep

All the products of Samui 333 Latex shop are made of natural latex. The shop assistants will tell you about the process of latex productions and it secrets. We recommend to buy high-quality goods to preserve your youth and beauty for many years.

English-speaking consultants

English-speaking shop-assistants will help you choose an individually suitable set.


Here you will find everything that is necessary for a healthy sleep: mattresses, pillows, bolsters, toy pillows and children’s sets. It is very important for a child’s development to sleep comfortably. Take care of your health and choose the best products.


Massage pillow 4200 THB
Heart-shaped pillow 4200 THB
Toy pillow 4500 THB
Bolster 7 000 THB
Children’s set 18 000 THB
Children’s pillow 3600 THB
Bolster 5 cm 2700 THB
Bolster 3 cm 1500 THB
King children’s duvet 18 000 THB
Queen children’s duvet 16 000 THB
Single children’s duvet 14 000 THB
King mattress 5 cm 41 000 THB
Super Queen mattress 160/200/5 cm 38 000 THB
Queen mattress 35 000 THB
Single mattress 5 cm 25 500 THB

Information about transfer:

Transfer is available: daily from 09:30 to 13:00.

Note: you will be asked to pay for the transfer if you don’t make any purchases.

Please: book the transfer 1 day before.

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