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Visa Run Services in Samui

Koh Samui, Thailand
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Thai Visa Servise in Samui

All possible options of obtaining a visa in Koh Samui are presented here. Choose a visa run or getting a tourist visa in Penang. Please read the information carefully and fill in the booking form at the bottom of the page.

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Hi. I am in Koh Samui. Have before 1 year pension visa NON O-A. How NON O-A visa expired and I entered to Thai by 45 days airport stamp. Nationality Ukrainian. Can you help to obtain new NON O-A visa(have all require documents for NON O-A, except police clearance certificate )? Or may be you can offer some another way?

Good day! We don't have such service.

Hello!We (spouses) will come to Koh Samui with a stamp (30 days) in 3-10 November.
We want to then go to the Visa Run in Penang and get a TR (60+30) visa.
Please,what are the conditions and what documents are needed for this.
Sincerely, Vadim.

Hello, Vadim, now the cost of the trip to Penang is 7900 THB plus 2100 THB for visa and service fee. Required documents: bank statement for the last 3 month with amount no less than 30000 THB, rental agreement, return air tickets

Wondering if you might have a run to Satun going on Wednesday ... my METV expires Thurs, 27.

Je veux transformer mon visa OA en O pour ne pas prendre d'assurance santé.
Quels documents dois-je fournir pour aller à Penang ?

Dear Jocelyne Boileve, please write your question in English

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