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Samui Snake Farm

Koh Samui, Thailand
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Samui Snake Farm

Besides watching snake and scorpion show, you can also buy preparations on the basis of snakes tissues and organs and try snake delicacies in a local cafe.


Before the performance of a king cobra you will see a scorpion show. The animal trainer picks them up and shows terrifying stunts.

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In the territory of the farm there is a shop which offers preparations made on the basis of snakes organs. The shop assistants will help with the choice.

Sur Pian Wan - Snakes gall bladders

Natural immune stimulator, stimulates liver cells recovery, activates functions of pancreas and thyroid gland, helps clean the body of toxins and parasites, treatment for arthritis and arthrosis.

Price python - 3500 THB, cobra - 6800 THB.

Sur Tan Wan - Preparation on the basis of snake gallbladder

Used for treatment of stomach ulcer, endocrine system diseases, improves functioning of liver and pancreas, helps fight rheumatism.

Price - 4400 THB.

Sur Pien Wan - Snake reproductive organs

Immune stimulator, helps heal wounds, used for treatment of chronic diseases of the urogenital system: pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, treatment and preventive treatment of prostatitis, recovery of sexual function.

Price - 4400 THB.

Sur Ying Wan - Capsulated snake fat

Contains collagen, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, effective treatment for dermatitis, eczema, bronchopulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

Price - 4400 THB.

Fung Zhi Wan - Preparation on the basis of king cobra venom

Has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, used as a treatment for gout, polyarthritis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis.

Price- 4600 THB.

La Tu Tan - Preparation on the basis of king cobra venom and Thai herbs

Effective for allergic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, dermatomycoses, cleans blood, improves its composition.

Price - 4600 THB.

Tiew Jin wan - Secret recipe of Thai medicine

Helps restore postnatal functions, effective for irregular menstrual cycle, mastopathy, infertility.

Price - 2300 THB.

Sobek - Preparation made of the Siamese crocodile blood

Increases the body’s irresistibility to viruses and bacteria, effective for hepatitis, helps slow down the growth of cancer cells.

Price - 4800 THB.

Ginseng - Korean red ginseng

Extract from six-year-old ginseng root which helps stimulate brain activity, reduces cholesterol in blood, decreases the level of glucose in blood, restores erythrocytes, preventive treatment for oncological and cardiovascular diseases.

Price - 6200 THB.

Botox cream on the basis of Gaya snake venom

Anti-ageing cream smoothes out wrinkles, makes the skin elastic and resilient.

Price - 2500 THB.

Snail cream

Fights mimic wrinkles, protects skin, improves the state of skin during teenage acne.

Price - 2500 THB.

Healing balms on the basis of snakes venom

Has instant local anaesthetic effect, effective for bruises, twists, relieves the skin itch.

Price - 750 THB.

Soap with herbs and snakes fat

Protects skin from dryness and irritation, nourishes with vitamins and amino acids.

Price - 350 THB.


In the territory of the farm there is also a shop of goods made of python and snake leather. Handbags, clutch bags, purses, wallets and other accessories.


Those who would like to try a famous delicacy can visit a local cafe which serves snakes meat.


We can book for you free 2-ways transfer to the Snake farm for the shopping only, but you will have to buy products at 3000 baht and more. In another case you have to pay for the return trasfer to hotel by yourself.

Location of the Snake Farm

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