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Koh Samui Sleep For Me Latex Shop

Samui, Thailand
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Latex in Samui

After having a holiday in Koh Samui, remember to get such a nice gift as a latex pillow. It is very comfortable and ensures your healthy sleep. Many regeneration processes happen during the sleep, so sleeping in the right position is very important. Visit Sleep For Me Latex Shop and learn more about how to preserve the right sleeping position.

Power of nature

Advantages of natural latex products:

Hygiene: natural latex has antiseptic properties which prevent appearance of ticks as it often happens in commonly used pillows. Natural latex products are hypoallergenic.

Orthopedic products: air bubbles inside latex prevent the products from rumpling which guarantees keeping the right position of the body during sleep.

Relaxing properties: natural latex products are created for full muscles relaxing and restoring your energy during healthy sleep.


In the shop you will find pillows, mattresses, bolsters, children’s sets, auto sets and many other articles.


Massage pillow 4100 THB
Standard pillow 4100 THB
Teenage pillow 3700 THB
Neck pillow 3000 THB
Toy pillow 4500 THB
Bolster 7000 THB
Children’s set 19000 THB
Children’s pillow 3500 THB
Bolster 5 cm 2900 THB
Bolster 2.5 cm 1500 THB
Children’s duvet 14000 THB
King mattress 37000 THB
Queen mattress 31000 THB
Single mattress 22000 THB

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