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Samui Tea House

Samui, Thailand
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Unique tea collection

Pamper yourselves and try the best sorts of fine tea. The tea is original, factory-made, beautifully and compactly packed. Tea House is the shop where you can buy original Cuban and Brazilian coffee. Vietnamese ground coffee SANG TAO №5. High-quality Shu Puer tea from Menghai tea factory. Little gifts to have with your tea.


Tea House offers a high level service. While tasting different sorts of tea you will discover new new fantastic flavors of high-quality tea leaves and will decide on your own favourite taste.

Shu Puer

To the lovers of real fresh Puer tea Tea House offers the best sorts from Menghai tea factory. Shu Puer V93, Shu Puer Da Ye Chun, Shu Puer 7572 and others.


The shop also offers a fine variety of Thai fruit wines. Coconut, mangosteen, pineapple, lychees, passion fruit and other flavors. Choose any you like and enjoy the taste of exotic wines!

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