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Top 5 Entertainments in Koh Samui


Top 5 Entertainments in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a relatively young resort in Thailand, which is rapidly gaining popularity among tourists. Wild exotic nature, white beaches and clear warm water are the main advantages of the island.

There are also enough entertainments for tourists here, so everyone will find what to do in Samui except enjoying lazy beach holidays. There are all conditions for outdoor activities at the coast, including various water attractions (jetski, bananas, parachutes and others).

In the evening, go-go bars, cabarets and discos are waiting for visitors. You can also go to the cinema, go karting, play golf and have fun at shooting range. May be there are not as many attractions as in other places of Thailand, but some interesting places will amaze you for sure. In this article, we will give a list of Top 5 fun activities at Koh Samui, in case it rains or you just want to have fun.

1. High Park

High Park is a great place to relax with a company of friends and spend a whole day there. The park has everything for extreme and fun pastime: 15-meter hill-slopes, a huge swimming pool with panoramic views, billiard tables, ping-pong, restaurants and bars. DJs, invited from Europe and Asia, play modern club music. The park is located in the center of the tourist district at the top of Chaweng.

2. Aquarium and tiger zoo

One more variant to hide from the bad weather or spend time with your family is to visit the local Tiger Empire Samui. All the inhabitants of the coastal waters are gathered in Undersea World. Here tropical fish will amaze you with their beauty and children can feed little turtles. You can also take photos with animals, watch the sea lions show and even swim in the pool with one of them. In Bengal Tiger Zoo you can admire the Bengal tigers show, watch leopards and other representatives of the world of wild cats.

The aquarium and tiger zoo are located in the south-eastern part of the resort, it is more convenient to book a tour there, which includes a transfer from the hotel and entrance ticket. There are several variants of the programs of this tour with interesting entertainments at our site.

3. 3D Art Samui Gallery

You can hide from the rain or just have fun for a couple of hours while visiting the gallery of optical illusions. 3D galleries are very popular in Thailand so a similar museum was opened at the island in 2017. Thanks to optical techniques, anyone can become a character in the 3D picture and make a creative photo.

The gallery is full of original paintings by Korean artists so the museum is divided into several thematic zones: jungle, dinosaurs, parodies and the underwater world. Each picture is accompanied by similar instructions "how and where the visitor should stand up" in order to achieve the maximum effect of illusion. You will have a great time with the whole family and make many bright photos in the gallery.

Art Samui is located near the Tea House in the Choeng Mon district, you can easily get there by taxi or by your own transport.

4. The Big Buddha

Perhaps the most popular sight of Koh Samui is the Big Buddha temple complex, which is located at small Fan Island. Over the territory of the complex towers a huge gilded statue of Buddha, is sitting in a lotus position. The statue was built in the previous century to protect the island from all kinds of misfortune. A large staircase decorated with snakes which leads to the Buddha is considered sacred, so you need to take off your shoes before climbing it. The Big Buddha is surrounded by a large number of bells and there is a belief that if you hit each one of them, your any wish will come true. There is also Wat Phra Yai temple, small souvenir shops and cafes in the territory of the complex. Here you will see unusual beautiful figures which stand right in the water.

You can get to the complex at the sightseeing tour, also can get by your own transport or by the public, this direction is very popular among tourists so it is hard to get lost. The entrance to the complex is free and open at daytime.

5. Bullfighting

Bullfighting is one of the traditional entertainments of local residents, so tourists can visit such battles quite rarely. Spectators bet on the fighting bulls, the loser is the one who first escaped from the battlefield. Be sure, visiting of bullfighting will give you a lot of impressions. Such events are held periodically in different villages of the island and you need to contact local residents to get there because the schedule of battles is not published for tourists.

As you could see, Koh Samui has a great choice of places to visit, so families with children and young tourists will not be bored here. There is a large selection of safari programs and extreme entertainments at the island, you can go sea fishing or visit a crocodile and snake farm. The full list of tours at Koh Samui as well as their description and prices can be found at our website.

Jacob   (05.04.2020 20:12)
We have wonderful memories here. We took a lot of good photos. Many thanks for the sightseeing tours and for visiting the zoo. My wife and I had a great time.

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