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Asian Fusion Spa in Koh Samui

Koh Samui, Thailand
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Renewal of body and soul

Professional therapists will take care of your body

 Asian Fusion Spa in Samui

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Swedish massage

Traditional Swedish massage with aroma oil eases muscle blockages and reduces stress.


60 min: 700 THB.

90 min: 900 THB.

Foot Reflexology Massage

Applying pressure to biologically active points heals the body and brings balance into your life.


60 min: 600 THB.

Thai traditional massage

Thai classical massage will fill your body with energy and make your muscles flexible.


60 min: 700 THB.

90 min: 900 THB.

Head massage

Head and neck and shoulder massage removes blockages, reduces fatigue, helps for insomnia.


60 min: 600 THB.

Asian Fusion

Asian Fusion’s speciality - the therapist will work on your problem zones and will remove blockages and muscle tension.


60 min: 800 THB.

90 min: 1100 THB.


Massage with aroma oils which combines ancient Eastern and Western techniques.


60 min:

800 THB.

90 min: 1000 THB.

Deep tissue Massage

The goal of this type of massage is to work with deep tissues. Reduces pain and stress.


60 min: 1000 THB.

90 min: 1200 THB.

Ayurveda Massage

Hot oil massage with the usage of Ayurveda techniques will fill your body and soul with the primeval energy.


60 min: 1200 THB.

Herbal Compress Massage

Thai classical massage will be completed with Oil and herbal compress massage. The treatment helps to restore energy and brings harmony to the body and soul.


90 min: 1500 THB.

Hot Stone Massage

Ancient stones will give their thermal energy to the muscles and accelerate body’s natural recovery processes.


90 min: 2500 THB.

Body Care

Aloe vera body

Treatment for the skin after sunbathing. Moisturizes and restores the skin.


60 min: 1000 THB.


Full body scrub and aromatherapy will bring harmony to your body and soul.


90 min: 2000 THB.

Asian Wellness Care

The body scrub will remove old damaged skin cells and aroma oil massage will make the skin resilient.


90 min: 2000 THB.

Asian Fusion Care

Body wrap and aromatherapy moisturizes the skin, makes it shiny and helps restore it.


90 min: 2000 THB.

Amazing Aroma Care

Aroma bath, aroma oil massage and head massage. The treatment gives a fantastic feeling of cleanliness and harmony.


2 hours: 2500 THB.


For future mums

Back and neck and shoulder massage, manicure or pedicure.


2 hours 30 min: 2500 THB.

Herbal Sensation

Herbal body wrapping, Thai massage, hot herbal compress.


3 hours:

2900 THB.

Higher Plane Ritual

Herbal body wrapping, body and face massage, manicure.


3 hours: 2900 THB.

Romans Ritual

A complex treatment which includes full body scrub, massage, a bath with aroma petals, chocolates and champagne.


3 hours: 4000 THB.

Asian Fusion Signature

Herbal full body wrapping, body scrub, a body wrapping after which your skon becomes shiny, aroma oil massage, jacuzzi.


3 hours 3500 THB.

Chocolate Pleasure

Chocolate scrub, jacuzzi, chocolate wrapping, massage with chocolate or coconut oil.


3 hours: 4000 THB.

Facial Spa Treatments


Deep face massage, moisturizing and rejuvenating face mask with ilang-ilang and black tea.


60 min: 2000 THB.


Detox treatment for oily skin. Drainage face massage.


60 min: 2000 THB.

Manicure, depilation

Nails painting - 30 min: 300 THB.

Manicure - 45 min: 550 THB.

Pedicure - 60 min: 650 THB.

Manicure Deluxe

Scrub, hand cream, manicure.


75 min: 750 THB.

Deluxe pedicure

Cuticle treatment, foot massage, pedicure.


75 min: 900 THB.


Bikini - 30 min: 400 THB.

Eyebrows, lips - 15 min: 400 THB.

Armpits - 30 min: 500 THB.

Legs - 30 min: 700 THB.

Back - 30 min: 1000 THB.

Legs + thighs - 45 min: 1000 THB.

Brazilian bikini depilation - 60 min: 1200 THB.

Scrub and Body Wrap

Scrub - 60 min: 1000 THB.

Body wrap - 60 min: 1200 THB.

Steam room + Gym: 600 THB.

Bath: 800 THB.

Information about Asian Fusion Spa

Asian Fusion Spa working hours - 09:00 - 21:00.

Please note that a return transfer is provided on the condition of booking treatments from 3 hours.

Please note that a 7%-tax and 10%-tip are not included in the price of the services.

The location at the map Asian Fusion Spa

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