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Ang Thong National Park


The most beautiful marine sceneries in one place

Ang Thong National Park is an archipelago of 42 islands which are situated to the north-east of Koh Samui.

Ang Thong takes the first place in the rating of Sea Tours in Koh Samui. You will remember your trip there for a long time. The tour to Ang Thong is a wonderful opportunity to see the most beautiful places of Thailand in one day: emerald bays, white sandy beaches, coconut palms, fascinating panoramic views from the tops of the rocks. Ang Thong National Park is the national treasure, it is protected by the Thai government. The entrance to the park costs 300 THB per an adult and 150 THB per a child.

Ang Thong

Code of behavior

Due to the fact that the national park is under the government’s protection, there is a number of rules which you have to observe:

- you mustn’t leave anything on the island (bottles, towels. glasses, sunscreen creams. etc.) Everything you bring to the island must be taken away;

- smoking is allowed only in a specially designed smoking zone;

- drinking alcohol on the island is forbidden;

- it is forbidden to bring any stones, plants or corals from the island;

- feeding fish is forbidden.

Maybe these rules are the reason for the perfect cleanliness of the island where wild nature and human love for the nature are ideally combined.

Tour to Ang Thong National Park

It is more convenient to visit Ang Thong with Samui Tours. The tour to Ang Thong includes a return transfer and service of a guide who will tell you about all the details. You can also go snorkeling or kayaking depending on the chosen itinerary. Lunch is also included as the tour lasts the whole day.

Who will like the tour to Ang Thong National Park?

The tour is suitable for a wide range of tourists, but in the first place it is good for those who love beautiful sceneries and are ready to climb a steep rock in 35℃ heat in order to take amazing photos. If you belong to this type of tourists, your efforts won’t be wasted! On the way there are dozens of viewpoints with incredible panoramas over the archipelago. However, you will have to walk a lot.

You will see the most wonderful views only if you are ready to do the “outdoor fitness”. To climb the steep rocks you need to be physically fit and have an irresistible desire to reach the top and see the island from the bird’s-eye view.

If you prefer a quiet rest, you can go kayaking instead of walking, but anyway you will have to work with your hands.

Although this is a sea tour, it is not a typical beach tour. Those holidaymakers who prefer sunbathing on the white sand beaches might think that they shouldn’t have taken this tour. It is not a suitable tours for travelers with little kids. There are three “key” places which are usually visited on the tour to Ang Thong: Koh Wua Talap, Koh Mae Ko and salty lake Tale Nai. It is not pointless to say about the cleanliness of the islands: there are toilets, a couple of cafes, Koh Wua Talap has a freshwater shower and beach gazebos for relaxing under the palm leaves. You can do snorkeling at Koh Wua Talap - snorkeling masks and pipes are provided for free. However, be careful and don't lose them, otherwise, you will have to pay a fine - 1000 THB. There are no sun chairs on the beaches of Ang Thong.

Tale Nai lake

What to bring with you if you go to Ang Thong Tour

The boats usually have everything necessary: toilets, life vests, a tent to hide from the sun. Anyway, we recommend to bring with you:

- comfortable footwear (we mentioned that a good physical fitness in necessary for climbing the viewpoints, however, comfortable footwear which is fixed tightly on your feet will definitely help);

- swimsuits, towels, sunscreen;

- photo camera (watching beautiful pictures taken at Ang Thong National Park will keep you warm during cold winter days).

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